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Recording information
Drums, vocals and guitars was recorded November 2005 at Abyss Studio by Setherial, engineered by Tommy Tägtgren. Bass Recorded in january 2006, at Setherial Studio by Mysteriis. Mixed and mastered by Sverker Widgren in co-operation with Mysteriis in january 2006, at Necromorbus Studio. Produced by Mysteriis and Setherial. Cover and additional artworks by Kris Vervimp.
Review by Chris Kee

"Song by song article" - Written by Infaustus for "Walls Of Fire Webzine"
1. The Limbo Of Insanity
The opening track. We decided that we would start the new album with a straightforward song. Starting of in an intense way we then incorporated some mid-tempo parts so the listener could catch his breath before the next sonic onslaught. "The Limbo Of Insanity" is pure uncorrupted black metal and will make heads roll in a live-situation. The lyrics deal with subjects such as the descension of spirits into the sulphur seas channelling the powers to bring forth Armageddon.

2. Death Triumphant
The titletrack of our new album. A very diverse song that sums up the whole record both musically and lyrically. This is a song that will appeal to both old and new fans because it contains all elements of Setherial. The dark and sombre artwork by Kris Verwimp symbolises this song in a magnificent way.

3. With Veins Wide Open
This is a real killertune. A midtempo song that shows a more varied and technical side of Setherial and the chorus is probably one of the best in Setherials career. The lyric is considered to be a continuation of the classic song "My veins are open" that was recorded during the "Nord"-era. The lyrical theme matched perfect with this song. Spiritual progression through self-destruction.

4. Aeons Of Bloodlust
"Aeons of bloodlust" was the last lyric that I and Mysteriis wrote. It is about ancient legends and entities like the Ankou, the fearful spectre. "Aeons..." is a typical Setherial song that perfectly blends speed and intensity with melody and midtempo parts. We worked a lot with the arrangements on each and every song on the album which shows extra clearly on this one. Great arrangements and greats riffs in a perfect symbiosis.

5. Relinquishment From The Unlighted Chambers
This is one of my favorite songs on the new album. It differs a bit from the other songs due to the fact that is doesn’t include any fast parts. This is a more atmospheric and eerie piece of black metal art that will appeal to all of those who like their black metal sombre and grim. The lyrics is about the ancient ones, the dreaming dead ascending from the sunken city of R`lyeh to rule this world once and for all.

6. Hellstorms Over The Empyrean
A classic in-your-face Setherial anthem. A full speed frenzy that will eliminate all doubts that Setherial is here to finally burn down the elysian fields. Once again we incorporated some technical parts with a slight touch of death metal. The lyric is a declaration of war towards the feeble servants of Jehova.

7. Inhale The Embers
A very varied song that was one of the first Mysteriis wrote on the new album. Combining the atmosphere from the "Nord"-album with the more advanced riffing from "Endtime divine" resulted in a song that we became more than pleased with. "Inhale The Embers" was a difficult song to write a suitable lyric to but the end result became better than expected. Absolute death and darkness.

8. Devilry, Wickedness And Scorn
Choronzons contribution on "Death Triumphant" is "Devilry, Wickedness And Scorn". A varied black/death tune with catchy riffs and a lot of tempo changes. After a few re-arrangements this song became a solid part of the "Death Triumphant"- album. The lyric on this one tells a story about hell entangled in human flesh, waiting to be unleashed upon the world.

9. Curse Of The Manifest
When Kraath came up with this tune we where amazed over its pure intensity. A whirlwind of destruction with great melodies and a chorus from hell. We decided to end the album with this song because the last sentences sung on this one represents the whole album. "This is the sunset of your world – Now scorched and burned. This is the all-defying word – So fear my curse".
Death shall triumph!
Review on Death Triumphant by Chris Kee
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Setherial don’t bother with scene setting intros, preferring to plunge the listener head first, straight into a hate-fuelled maelstrom of furious black metal. Opener ‘The Limbo Of Insanity’ gives clear warning of what lies ahead of you – controlled, precise black metal shrouded in dark atmosphere with a real sense of the dramatic. Powerful guitars, awesome drum battery, bestial vocal exhortations all presented with a strong, clear production. The album’s title track follows hot on the heels of this opening gambit and really sparks the imagination, conjuring up images of midnight tempests and wind swept blackness. On through the creepy atmospheres of ‘With Veins Wide Open’, the excellently mixed tempos that form ‘Hellstorms Of The Empyrean’ to the admirable ‘Devilry, Wickedness And Scorn’ – a black brooding monster that explodes into furious life – this is a wonderful, dynamic journey. There are so many ideas, such atmosphere and drama, such an abundance of quality riffs in every song here that I’m happy to label Death Triumphant as something of a minor black metal masterpiece, surpassing the band’s previous high water mark, Lords Of The Nightrealm. This is a triumph for Setherial and one they are going to have to work very hard to surpass.


8+ Summary: Excellent, enthralling black metal of the highest calibre driven along by some outstanding drumming and countless riffs of real character and class. A dynamic and dramatic collection of finely crafted songs that together form Setherial’s finest hour to date.

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