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¤ Hell is summoned "Under the black sun festival" 2011. 2011.03.10
01./02.07.2011 in Bernau/Helenenau near Berlin, Germany
Reiterhof Helenenau
Helenenauer Weg 3
16321 Börnicke
¤ We are proud to annonce the second official 7"ep since "För dem mitt blod" 1995. SETHERIAL "Treason" 7ep 2011 out now on Goathorned Productions 2011.03.10
100 Black Marble Vinyls and 400 Black Vinyls. All handnumbered.
Send an email to to order directly from us.
Status: Available
¤ Ekpyrosis - Out now! 2010.09.31
Regain Records.
¤ Lords Of The Nightrealm - vinyl edition 2010.09.31
Out now on Funeral Industries.
Setherial - Lords Of The Nightrealm - The legendary second album released for the first time on vinyl. 12“-Gatefold-LP, limited to 1000, 100 on marbled vinyl / 900 on black vinyl.
¤ New Video ONLINE + Tour News 2010.04.06
Today we're launching the video for the song "A World In Hell", which will be featured on our upcoming album "Ekpyrosis".
Click here to view the video
¤ Nord LP - second edition 2010.03.25
Out now on Funeral Industries.
The Setherial - Nord Gatefold-LP comes besides the black version (printrun 900) also on white vinyl with Poster (limited to 100).
¤ European Tour and new line up. 2010.03.11
We'll be touring europe in april together with the mighty Impiety to promote our new album Ekpyrosis.

Guest bands:
I Divine - Hungary from 11.04 to 21.04
Our Malevollent Tyranny - UK from 24.04 to 27.04
The Somberlain - Spain from 28.04 to 30.04
+ local support bands

Info and booking:
Icon Music Agency

We're also announcing a new drummer and guitarist who will be joining the horde for this tour.

Tour line up:
Infaustus: Vocals
Kraath: Guitars
Mysteriis: Bass
GUH.LU: Guitars
Atum: Drums

¤ Mexico festivals cancelled. 2009.11.21
The promotor has cancelled the festivals.
November 27th 2009 - Gimnasio Factores Mutuos @ Monterrey
November 29th 2009 - Heavy Metal Circus Expo @ Circo Volador, Mexico City
Chas Productions

¤ New festival date is in schedule. 2009.09.18
Sathanas In Gloriam III "Sabbatum Occultum"
Headline, 4th of october 2009
13 cults of true underground black metal in Baroeg, Rotterdam, Holland.

¤ News regarding the new Setherial full-lenght album "Ekpyrosis"
We have now recorded six drumtracks and this time we decided to go for a fully acoustic drumsound using no triggers or other modules.
This week we will continue with the drums and also continue with the guitars and vocals. We are aiming for a much more organic production with this album since it fits the overall concept and the pre-productions we’ve done sounds extremely promising.
The lyrical theme of "Ekpyrosis" is about a metaphoric connection to the unavoidable conflict of the universe, through the satanic angle and perspective.
The Ekpyrotic Universe draws its name from the ancient Greek word ekpyrosis, meaning "conflagration" (disastrous fire or conflict).
A tribute to the complete obliteration spiral of all particles that is ever created where the allseeing/alldestroying eye of satans singularity is represented by the destructive forces and dark energy of this vast, unknown universe.
We are currently also working with different ideas for layout and we will present it to the public as soon as we has made a decision of which artwork to use.

¤ Eliminating weak links and future schedule update 2009.05.12
In order to develop skills, and be a solid part of the horde, terms as commitment, focus and determination is absolutely necessary. Due to mostly not being committed enough we’ve decided to end our collaboration with recent bassist Funestus Inferis.
For the upcoming album the bass will be handled by Kraath. A session bass player will later be recruited for upcoming live rituals.
The recording of the new album will start in May and we’re also preparing to record a additional new track exclusively for split EP with Corpus Christii.

¤ 5th edition of Black Metal Is Rising 2009.04.14
Les Acteurs de L'Ombre is a french metal webzine and a live organizator. They started the Black Metal Is Rising in 2005 in the small stage of La Locomotive, an emblematic place in Paris, with 8 of the most representative underground french black metal bands such as Hell Militia or Temple of Baal. After 4 successfull editions, with french and international bands such as Nehemah, Blodsrit, Aosoth, Farsot, Balrog, Otargos, Crystallium, Temple Of Baal, Corpus Cristii, Merrimack, Negura Bunget, Cirith Gorgor and now a festival on the big stage of La Locomotive, the festival rise it 5th edition this years with Darkspace, Setherial, Hegemon, Celestia, Reverence, Nefarium, Orakle and Azziard.
¤ Hellflame Festival - Cancelation 2008.10.11
Due to personal reasons Setherial have to announce a cancellation of the upcoming Hellflame Festival gig in Lichenfeldts, Germany on the 25th of october. This is in fact our first cancellation ever, and this time unfortunately unavoidable.
¤ Nattsvart afton på Club Deströyer! 2008.10.06
Club Deströyer bjuder på en nattsvart afton med Sundsvalls Setherial, support Cynical Hatred. Lördagen den 11 oktober intar de scenen och detta blir Setherials enda spelning i Sundsvall under 2008.
¤ SETHERIAL "Nord - Hell Eternal" DCD out now!. 2008.09.30
Taken from the Napalm records website:

"Available for the first time domestically in many years, SETHERIAL's classic "Nord" and "Hell Eternal". Albums have been resurrected for a whole new generation of extreme-metal fans. "Nord", SETHERIAL's 1996 debut, introduced these Swedish black metallers to the scene with a wintry blast of hurricane drums and chilling melody. "Hell Eternal", SETHERIAL's third album two years later, saw the band solidify this trademark combination whilst increasing the brutality. More than a decade later and more in-demand than ever, both SETHERIAL classics have influenced later generations of black metal bands and still sound equally fresh today!"

Contact "" to obtain your copy!
¤ A new Swedish festival date. 2008.08.25
Nordic Rage Metal Festival.
Friday, 31 october 2008
¤ Shop update. 2008.06.26
LP versions of the Death Triumphant, Hell Eternal and Endtime Divine has been added in the album section.
¤ We are proud to announce new festival dates. 2008.06.09
20 september in Germany-Osnabruck @ Hellflame Festival
03 October in Germany-Schwerte @ Devils Revenge Festival
25 October in Germany-Lichenfelts @ Hellflame Festival.
¤ Live pictures 2007.11.19
Pictures from the Fireblade festival.
Slideshow from Mostovna Club.
¤ Expanding the Abyss 2007.10.10
The horde is at the moment writing new material for a new album...
¤ Hellstorming European fields 2007.10.10
It was a great experience, being the most professional tour so far. A hail to all fans and promoters! New Romanian dates are will be presented soon… If you have live-pics or video material from the tour please contact, or send them to
¤ Black Blood Injected 2007.10.10
We are proud to announce our new recruited guitarist Thurz, who made his debut with Setherial in Kaltenbach Open air 2007. He is replacing our old guitarist Choronzon.
¤ European Tour is taking shape 2007.07.30
The upcoming tour is beginning to take form, we can some confirmed dates, more information will be presented in a while.
¤ Death Triumphant LP version 2007.07.30
A limited version of the Death Triumphant LP is in stock and available for purchase. Write to for more info.
¤ Satin (Örebro) 6th of July 2007.05.01
Setherial will do a show in Örebro in July the week before
heading south for Kaltenbach Open Air.
Other bands will be Inquisition, Vemoth and Xul.
¤ European Tour 2007 2007.05.01
Setherial has begun a collaboration with the portuguese Icon Music Agency for a upcoming european tour. More dates are being scheduled and will be presented in a while.
To contact IMA:
Mobile: 00351-963370100
Ph/Fax: 00351-214374045
¤ Back from Mexico 2007.02.16
Setherial recently finalized their succesful mini tour in Mexico. If you have live-pics from the tour please send them to
¤ Website update: Full songs and videos available! 2007.01.31
The site has been updated with an expanded Media section containing high-quality videos from the Death Triumphant Tour and full songs from all Setherial albums.
¤ Live clips available at YouTube 2007.01.07
Live clips from the European tour in December are now available at Setherial's YouTube: SetherialHorde
¤ Setherial at MySpace 2007.01.07
Check out Setherial at MySpace:
¤ Mexican Tour in February 2007 2006.12.22
Setherial has been confirmed for "Chaos Metal Attack"
Mexico 2007 in February together with Marduk and Monstrosity.
Check out The ChaosProd website for more info.
¤ The shop is updated with a new shirt 2006.11.29
¤ Setherial at Kaltenbach 2007 2006.11.11
Setherial has been confirmed for the Kaltenbach Open Air 2007 Festival in Austria
on July 13-14. Check out the festival website: KOA 2007

We are proud to announce the "Death Triumphant Tour"
in December. Click on the thumbnail to the left for a larger
version of the poster.
¤ - New gig in Sundsvall 2006.09.03
Setherial has been confirmed for a gig at Pipeline/Sundsvall on the 3th of November.
¤ Setherial at Misanthropic Violence III 2006.08.09
Setherial has been confirmed for the Misanthropic Violence III Festival in Innsbruck/Austria on the 29nd of September. Check out the festival website: Brutal Arts Tyrol
¤ New songs available for download 2006.06.17
Hellstorms Over The Empyrean (192kbps)
¤ Death Triumphant digipak released!
(Limited in 3500 copies) 2006.06.01

Setherial's new album Death Triumphant out now on

Also available from
Nuclear Blast

¤ New Setherial website unveiled 2006.05.30
Welcome to the new Setherial website. It is optimized for screens with 1024x768+ screen resolution and IE4+

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