From The Ancient Ruins 2003 - Napalm Records (compilation CD)
1. Among the Flames
2. The Ancient Ruins
3. The Beyond
4. Obscurum
5. A Hail to the Faceless Angels
6. The Reborn Darkness
7. As a Shadow
8. The Ancient Sphere
9. My Veins Are Open
Kraath(guitar, vocals),
Mysteriis(guitar, drums), Wrath(vocals), Kheeroth(vocals), Sasrof(bass)
Thorn(bass), Zathanel(drums),

Recording information
¤ Track 1-3 Taken from an unreleased Studio session in 1998,
recorded at Abyss studio with Tommy Tägtgren.
¤ Track 4-9 Taken from “A hail to the faceless angels” demo 1994,
recorded at Mysack studio.
¤ Track 10 Taken from unreleased Studio session in 1995,
recorded at Mysack studio.

(Information taken from the booklet, written by Kim Isaksson):

Chapter One: bonus tracks from the Hell Eternal studio session 1998
In the fall of 1998, Setherial entered the Abyss studio to record their third album "Hell Eternal". The band had once again gone through some changes in personal at this point (Line up on the recording: Wrath - Vocals, Kraath - Guitars and Bass, Alastor Mysteriis - Drums, Choronzon - Guitars and Keyboards, and Sasrof - Bass), and was ready to show the scene that they were by no means ready to roll over and disappear. Therese three songs were never released on the "Hell Eternal" album, and this is the first time they are brought to public attention. One of the songs are a tribute to Italian horror director Lucio Fulci´s masterpiece "The Beyond" also known as "The Seven Doors of Death" among other titles. This tribute also extends to Fabio Frizzi, the man behind the soundtrack on that and other classical Fulci movies.

Chapter Two: A Hail To The Faceless Angels 1994
The first Setherial demo " A Hail To The Faceless Angels" was recorded back in early 1994. Back in those days the band were a six-piece act, with two lead singers and a burning ambition to leave a mark in the black metal genre. The members of Setherial at this point were Mysteriis (Guitars), Kraath (Vocals and Keyboards), Devothan (Guitars), Thorn (Bass), Kheeroth (Vocals) and Zathanael (Drums). The tape consists of four songs written over a period of a few months prior to the recording, and there can be no doubt that the band succeded in their ambition to make themselves known as an act to count on with this release. This is the recording that opened the doors for Setherial to venture into new and more polished territory, enabling the band to reach their audience through a wider forum. It is not the Setherial you have learned to know over the years that can be heard on this tape, but a early embryo with hints of coming assaults. Still it remains forever an important milestone in the bands career, so sit back and be carried back to forgotten times.

Chapter Three: My Veins Are Open 1995
In early 1995, the band entered the studio once again. This time as a five-piece band (Kheeroth had left the band at this point), Setherial were now developing the brand of black metal that can be heard on their debut album "Nord". It might have seven years on its conscience, but ”My veins are open” still glow with a strong and determined fire. The ambition is joined with developed skills as musiscians and songwriters on this track, and it really makes a differance on the outcome. This is a more mature beast than on the first tape, a beast with the means to make their ambitions a reality.

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